Memory Chapter 1 – Worse

​My father died four days before Christmas.  I know right, Merry fucking Christmas to me.  I remember when my mom walked into my room, tears were streaming down her face. It took a few false starts before she could tell […]

Prologue of Memory

So… I have started writing a few books. Memory is one of them. Here is the prologue. The thing about losing a loved one is that the grief never fully disappears. Sometimes everything feels okay and then suddenly, out of […]

I have a Dream

So I have this dream of being a well known and well liked author. It’s a big dream, and it might take me a while, but I will fulfill it. If you’d like to have a look at some of the things […]

Writing Prompt Tuesday.

Writing prompt Tuesday. Yes this will be my thing. Every Tuesday I will either put up a phrase or a picture aimed at giving inspiration. Today the phrase was… drum roll please… “He was a stranger to me.” I started writing three […]

I should be writing.

I know I should be writing, but this my life right now. I am at home, sick with a bronchial chest infection and I am attempting to write. Sadly though, the infection is making me a bit drowsy… so no lengthy blog post […]

Live Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself

I had an epiphany the other day. I’m not living my dreams. I have been living life in the slow lane. I have been trudging along, not really doing anything, not really living. Oh I have dreams and they’re so […]

My top of everything.

These are all my favourites. And they are in no particular order.   BOOKS (Top 15) 1-Trudi Canavan – Black Magician Trilogy 2-Paul Collins – Jelindel Chronicles 3-Maria Snyder – Yelena Zaltana trilogy 4-Veronica Ross – Divergent Series 5-Ali Mcnamara […]


I feel like I’m in a faraway land where nothing can harm me. Nothing can touch me. I feel invincible. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am heaven and hell. I am earth and wind. I am one with […]


I felt… I honestly didn’t know how I felt. I felt I could take on the world and be one of the greats. The likes of Fitzgerald or Eliot. I felt as though the green light was always so close […]


“The darkness crept up on me, soaking every inch of my room in nightmares from past and present. The frantic fluttering of a moth echoed through my room as it tried to cling to the last shreds of light. I […]