His hands hold mine And together we dance Time stands still for us And the colours come back   For many years My life continued on In dull greys and black Until his eyes met mine   I could not […]

More Poetry 

Cold, Dark, Empty, air The sunlight disappears My day comes to an end But the thoughts linger on   The things that we do They leave a bitter taste I will always wonder If we’re meant for the stars   […]

A Bit of Poetry For the Soul

Can we not think about Tragedies of the past Indeed we must think Of what makes our hearts beat   The pounding in the chest A clock of our own A constant ticking in our midst Reminding us to live […]

Chapter Two – Alexander

Alexander and I were uprooted from our only home and planted, forcibly, in a house, (that will never be a home), filled with dull colours and bad imagery. Crucifixes hung in every room and a bible adorned almost every table. […]

New Story – Chapter One “Numb”

  One month earlier.   Death is a precarious thing. And yet it is not. It relies purely on chance but when it’s the end of your tether, you are ripped from yourself. My parents tether was far from finished […]

Retribution (working title)

The sound of cracking glass woke me. For a few seconds I had no idea where I was, but then I remembered headlights and swerving, and a tree. I remembered my little brother screaming. A noise so loud and sharp. […]

A short story – Gone

When reading this, if you could indulge a strange Lady and listen to this song at the same time. Of Verona – Paint the Pictures.  It helps with the setting.   The absence of sound was deafening. Victoria had expected […]

Chapter 2 – Home

I hadn’t wanted to get out of bed but I had no choice. I had a long day ahead of me. My mother wanted snacks and food for the trip and as designated chef, it was my job to cook […]

One scary step at a time

It’s always scary following ones dreams, but one must persevere. I have the word ‘write’ as a wallpaper on my computer. But every time I see it I lose more faith in myself. I’m supposed to be following my dreams. […]

Memory Chapter 1 – Worse

​My father died four days before Christmas.  I know right, Merry fucking Christmas to me.  I remember when my mom walked into my room, tears were streaming down her face. It took a few false starts before she could tell […]