My top of everything.

These are all my favourites. And they are in no particular order.   BOOKS (Top 15) 1-Trudi Canavan – Black Magician Trilogy 2-Paul Collins – Jelindel Chronicles 3-Maria Snyder – Yelena Zaltana trilogy 4-Veronica Ross – Divergent Series 5-Ali Mcnamara […]


I feel like I’m in a faraway land where nothing can harm me. Nothing can touch me. I feel invincible. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am heaven and hell. I am earth and wind. I am one with […]


I felt… I honestly didn’t know how I felt. I felt I could take on the world and be one of the greats. The likes of Fitzgerald or Eliot. I felt as though the green light was always so close […]


“The darkness crept up on me, soaking every inch of my room in nightmares from past and present. The frantic fluttering of a moth echoed through my room as it tried to cling to the last shreds of light. I […]


I believe in magic. It’s all around us. There is magic in the wind that’s blowing through that tree outside. There is magic in the music that im listening to, oh so stoically. There is magic in the sunlight glistening off […]


I am in love. I have been for quite some time. Years really. I am in love with the written word. With the beauty of it and the elegance. I am in love with how words, so eloquently put, can […]