“The darkness crept up on me, soaking every inch of my room in nightmares from past and present. The frantic fluttering of a moth echoed through my room as it tried to cling to the last shreds of light. I couldn’t help but wonder what the blackness would bring me tonight. Last night it was the memories of times gone past, times that scarred not only my body but mind too. I hoped tonight it would have some mercy on me. But I feared that mercy was not a word that you associate with the darkness. Tonight, I feared, would bring pain and rip me to pieces once again. I can only hope that when I wake up, when the light shines bright through my window, I won’t remember a thing.
Like the moth clings to the last bits of light, I cling to the hope the one day the darkness won’t have such a hold over me.
I sigh and laugh bitterly to myself as I realize that it’s only wishful thinking…”

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