I feel like I’m in a faraway land where nothing can harm me. Nothing can touch me. I feel invincible. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am heaven and hell. I am earth and wind. I am one with the rain and night air. I am blood and sweat and tears. I am life and love and laughter. I am everything all at once and yet I am nothing at all. I am not even a grain of sand or a speck of dust. I am neither darkness nor light. I am just a being. Small and fragile and oh so very human.   I am me. I am Kelly. And that is all I want to be.

Life pulses through my blood. I feel it. I can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. I know. I learn. I love. I hate. I breathe. I sleep. I eat. I feel. I cry. And I cry again. I fight – death, life, injustice, everything. I smile. I laugh. I deny the most obvious things. Then finally I accept them. Each thing born must die. I accept but I do not like. I move on. I am not invincible. I feel pain. I feel happiness. I curse the universe and wish I could dance with it. I love the moon yet fear the sun. Both bring such beauty. Memories. Memories are immortal. She will forever be immortal in my heart. The smell of talc powder and hairspray linger on.
Life goes on, it waits for no man.
I live. And I live. And we live. There is nothing else. We are human. Fragile and weak. And beyond beautiful. The very essence of being.
Rejoice, for we are life.

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